Thursday, 11 February 2010

My Generation - the video

As is my wont, I've made a slideshow of images from my forthcoming book, My Generation: The Glory Years of British Rock, which is scheduled for publication in April 2010. And here it is:

All photographs copyright Harry Goodwin.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Voting Rites

As the government forces through a proposed referendum on the voting system (in the most cynical bit of politicking I can remember), I'm reminded of a scene in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet back in the early-1980s.

The ex-pat British builders decide that it's time to paint their hut, to brighten the place up a bit. Trying to come to a consensus on what colour to use, Barry, who is later to join the SDP, insists on using the single transferable vote system - as advocated today by the Liberal Democrats - and they end up with a colour that was no one's first choice.

'That's a smashing system, Barry,' moans Dennis. 'Everybody gets what nobody wants.'

And Barry has to put him straight: 'That's democracy, Dennis.'