Thursday, 22 March 2012

Passing the Tebbit Test

I was reading Norman Tebbit's blog this evening. As you do. And amongst his replies to comments left on a previous post was this paragraph:

There were some pretty silly posts, as from unikey who declared that more people nowadays do not vote than do vote. Of course that is not true and I suspect that he misread a rather good article in the New Statesman of 19th March about the matter.

I assume this is a reference to my article in that issue, since I write about one of Tony Blair's great achievements: he got a government elected with the support of fewer people than there were abstentions. The don't-knows actually won the 2001 election, the first time such a thing had happened since universal suffrage. To prove it wasn't a mere blip, Blair repeated the feat in 2005.

But anyway, my point is this: Norman Tebbit said it was 'a rather good article'. Which is nice.

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