Saturday, 21 April 2012

Camden New Journal

I just got my copy of this week's Camden New Journal - always a fine publication - to find that there's a full-page review/feature on Things Can Only Get Bitter. Many thanks to Dan Carrier for such splendid treatment.

I'm slightly surprised to be described as an 'Islington author', though, since I live in Camden and I'm not sure I entirely approve of Islington. But apart from that, it's grand stuff.

I also bought today a copy of The Spectator with Lloyd Evans's hysterical attack on the same essay. Apart from decrying my 'wrist-slashing pessimism', his main complaint seems to be that this e-book business is a rip-off, since the recommended price is £2.99 for a 72-page essay.

It is, however, available from Amazon for only £1.64, which I think is pretty fair. Certainly when compared to, say, a 64-page magazine that retails at £3.50 and isn't available anywhere at a discounted price.

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